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任務 Mission


In addition to English Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and also application courses in each level for current students to enhance the students’ English ability, NTHU Language Center has established Continuing Education Office. With NTHU’s excellent staff and instructional resources, we hope to put University’s Society Responsibility into practice by offering foreign language learning courses to people from the workforce. Courses include English, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish, which possess from elementary to high-intermediate levels that are offered three times- Spring, Summer and Autumn-throughout a year. We provide working people a deep and well-designed extension programs in foreign language, fulfilling the social education responsibility in language education.




The Language Center established Continuing Education Office to actively provide well-designed foreign language courses for people from the workforce. This will not only promote lifelong learning, fulfilling the responsibility in social education but also let students learn about foreign culture, different cultures between countries. We aim to enhance working people’s global mobility, strengthen their career competitive, extend and enhance their career advancement.